Save Asheville Trees

Asheville Greenworks Spring Tree Giveaway is open!

Help replenish Asheville dwindling tree canopy by planting a tree in your yard! You can now register to pick up a native tree on Sunday April 18th at the Sand Hill Nursery. When registering, you must select your pickup time and tree species. This giveaway is for Buncombe County residential addresses only. Limit 1 tree.

Register for the Giveaway!

Prior to the event, all registrants will receive emailed information on what to expect at the drive-through event, along with tree planting and care training materials.

Please review the FAQs. If you have trouble registering, contact

Review tree species here.

City Council Approved the Zero Net Loss Resolution!

Building upon the approval of the Tree Canopy Protection Ordinance in September, City Council approved a decision establishing a Zero-Net Loss Tree Canopy Resolution at its October 26th session. The aim of the Zero Net Loss Amendment is to establish tree canopy coverage of 50% by 2040 in order to fight canopy loss and ensuing “heat islands,” which can disproportionately affect minority communities. The resolution was drafted and proposed by the Urban Forestry Commission and recommends establishing city policy and programmatic goals to supplement the Tree Canopy Protection. The 2018 Urban Tree Canopy Study determined existing coverage to be 44.5%.

City Council Approved an Amendment for a Tree Canopy Protection Ordinance!

On Tuesday, September 8th 2020, Asheville City Council unanimously approved an Amendment for a Tree Canopy Protection Ordinance. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Asheville's tree-advocates, we are one-stop closer to protecting our city's dwindling tree canopy. But our work is far from over! Each year we continue to lose acres of Asheville trees while new plantings fail to keep pace with development and disease. Over 200 Asheville residents reached out to City Council via our letter campaign to call on them to vote YES for a Tree Canopy Protection Ordinance and the measure has strong support among Council.