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Help us Protect and Expand Asheville Urban Tree Canopy!

Asheville's trees are falling fast and this crucial part of our environment is at risk daily. Our tree canopy needs YOU! If you'd like to get involved please let us know. There are also a number of local organizations working together to give voice to these silent urban heros.

Organizations working on Tree Loss

Local organizations need your help to change our local ordinances to provide stronger protection of Asheville's shrinking tree canopy and to promote sustainable urban forestry. Please join these organizations and take action to make these needed changes reality.

The Tree Protection Task Force is an initiative of Asheville GreenWorks that works to protect, restore, honor an advocate for Asheville's and Buncombe County's urban forest and community tree canopy. The TPTF meets regularly once per month. If you would like to get updates from the TPTF or join our meetings, please complete the form above.

Meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Public Works Building, located at 161 S. Charlotte St. in conference room A109.

The City of Asheville, realizing that trees have a profound effect on the quality of life in the community, deems it necessary and desirable in the interest of public health, safety and welfare to enact an ordinance for the preservation, planting, replacement and removal of trees without denying the reasonable use and enjoyment of real property.

The purpose of this commission is to regulate the planting of new trees and shrubbery; to vigorously encourage the protection of existing trees and shrubbery, including their root systems; to regulate the preservation, replacement and indiscriminate removal of trees and to establish procedures for fulfilling these purposes.

Members: Stephen Hendricks (Chair), Amy Smith (Vice Chair), Julie Mayfield (Council Liaison), Roy Smith, Perrin de Jong, Dawn Chavez, Ed Macie, Cecil Bothwell, Patrick Gilbert, Sharon Sumrall

Asheville GreenWorks works to enhance the environment and quality of life for all residents of Asheville and Buncombe County through community-based, volunteer-led environmental conservation projects and education programs. A primary focus of Asheville Greenworks is to support Asheville's urban forest through education, tree preservation and tree plantings. They offer a number of programs throughout the year focused on protecting and expanding Asheville's tree canopy:

Plant 2500 trees each year

Since 2008, Asheville's lost more than 18,000 trees. With more people moving here, and the cost of housing already high, the pressure to build and cut down trees will continue. Asheville GreenWorks has set a goal to plant 50,000 trees in Asheville by 2040 – which means about 2,500 a year.

Annual Free Tree Giveaways

As part of it's goal to plant 2,500 trees each year, Greenworks provides free trees to Asheville families free of charge. This giveaway serves as an educational outreach opportunity, as well as an effort to reforest our urban canopy. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to spread awareness to the community of GreenWorks' Urban Forestry Program and Native Tree Nursery. The grant from Duke Energy allows us to do this for FREE, but donations are greatly accepted to further grow our programming.


In partnership with the City of Asheville, GreenWorks has launched a program for citizens to “adopt-a-spot” of public land, such as a small area of a park, a sidewalk “bulb out” or a section of greenway to maintain for three years. GreenWorks provides guidance and support for volunteers willing to put in the effort for taking care of a slice of their city.

​Food Tree Project

The GreenWorks’ Food Tree Project establishes community orchards on public land throughout Asheville and Buncombe County.

To date, GreenWorks has organized community members and volunteers to plant six community orchards filled with fruit trees, berry bushes and pollinators. These orchards provide a source of locally-grown, fresh, healthy produce to communities, especially those that lack easy access to grocery stores.

Treasured Tree Program

Asheville GreenWorks' Treasured Tree Program brings public awareness to valuable and irreplaceable trees, increases tree owners' awareness of the unique importance of trees, and encourages stewardship of our urban forest. A Treasured Tree is more protected from indiscriminate removal or irreparable damage during development and raises awareness of the diversity, sensitivity and importance of the tree canopy.

Tree Nursery

In order to meet the demand for planting 800 native trees each year, GreenWorks is investing in our own native tree nursery adjacent to the Sand Hill Community Orchard on Buncombe County owned property. We plan to grow a supply of 2,000 trees, including paw paws and pollinators to plant throughout Buncombe County.

If you reside in the EWANA area of West Asheville (West of I-26 and north of the French Broad River - join EWANA's efforts to protect Asheville's Tree Canopy. You can join the EWANA Facebook group here.

The Asheville/Buncombe County Trees Facebook Group is a networking and information gathering group for supporters of saving the Tree Canopy in the City of Asheville and in Buncombe Count. The group is supported by members of the Asheville Tree Commission, whose intent is to communicate information that supports the preservation, planting, enjoyment of, and information about the benefits of trees.

The Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods (CAN) is a 501(c)3 organization that:

  • Educates and informs the community about matters that concern Asheville area neighborhoods;

  • Provides a means for Asheville area neighborhood organizations and groups to share information;

  • Provides technical assistance to neighborhood groups and individuals that are interested in participating in community affairs; and,

  • Advocates for the stability and quality of life of neighborhoods and the community as approved by the board of directors.